With the SL55 AMG, Mercedes has taken its legendary roadster and injected it with a major dose of horsepower that elevates it to near supercar status. With nearly 500 horsepower emanating from its supercharged V8, this drop top can outdo most sports cars in a straight line, yet it’s still docile enough to go for a top-down Sunday drive. The ridiculously powerful SL65 AMG might overshadow the SL55 in the minds of some buyers, but unless you have regular access to roads resembling the German autobahn, the real-world performance difference will go unnoticed 95 percent of the time. If you’re looking for the ultimate combination of open-air fun and unparalleled performance, the SL55 satisfies in ways few other cars can.

Vehicle Model: SL 55 AMG

Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz

Exterior Color: Black

MSRP: $129,300

Seats: 2

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