It is often referred to as a super car and is Lamborghini’s flagship and the Halo Car of the automaker’s line-up. The Murcielago is a high-performance two-door, two-seat coupe, powered by an evolution of the Lamborghini V 12 engine. Most of the body is crafted of carbon fiber, except for the steel roof and those requisite front-hinged scissor doors, and said coachwork surrounds a space-frame chassis. The Murcielago boasts variable Airflow Cooling System: “batwing”-style ducts just aft of the windows.

Features Include: Navigation, Bluetooth Hands Free, IPOD connection, Rearview Camera, XM Radio, Radar / Laser Detector & Jammer.

Vehicle Model: Murcielago

Manufacturer: Lamborghini

Exterior Color: Blue

MSRP: $290,000

Seats: 2

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